32 Richest Young Entrepreneurs

32 Richest Young Entrepreneurs

32 Richest Young Entrepreneurs

A new generation of successful visionaries is emerging in a highly competitive world filled with innovation. These young entrepreneurs understand current trends and use their passion and technological skills to build successful empires at a very young age. This select group is changing the definition of youth, ambition, and financial intelligence in today’s business world. Get ready to be amazed as we reveal the inspiring stories of these talented individuals who have transformed their ideas into profitable businesses.  

These young entrepreneurs exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit with their impressive creativity and determination. Their unique paths to success, from tech startups to innovations in traditional industries, demonstrate their ability to seize opportunities that others may have overlooked. The stories of these successful entrepreneurs showcase their boldness and dedication to creating their place among successful leaders in their fields.  

Come with us as we explore the fascinating and inspiring stories of the wealthiest young entrepreneurs of today. The passion and experiences of these exceptional individuals will capture your interest and inspire your entrepreneurial spirit. Whether you are looking for motivation, knowledge, or just a peek into the lives of those who have achieved great success at a young age, you have come to the right place. Let’s discover how these impressive young entrepreneurs are shaping the future of the business world.

32 Richest Young Entrepreneurs 

#1 Mark Zuckerberg 

It’s impossible to imagine a list that didn’t have Mark Zuckerberg leading the way. Starting Facebook in his college room in 2004, the Harvard entrepreneur has amassed a staggering $41 billion fortune, making him the 7th wealthiest individual in the US, according to Forbes.

#2 Dustin Moskovitz 

Frequently overlooked beside his fellow co-founder, Dustin Moskovitz helped start Facebook with Zuckerberg. He’s worth about $9 billion, not as much as Zuckerberg, yet he remains among the richest self-taught entrepreneurs – and quite successful.

#3 Evan Spiegel 

Evan Spiegel, who created Snapchat, is among the globe’s wealthiest and most youthful entrepreneurs. At just 25 years old, Spiegel has a whopping $21 billion fortune. In 2011, while at Stanford, Spiegel debuted the globally loved application, drawing nearly 100 million daily users.

#4 Palmer Luckey 

Oculus VR, America’s cutting-edge virtual reality brand, was launched in 2012 by then-20-year-old Luckey. By 2014, Facebook had snapped it up for a hefty $2 billion in cash and stock. A savvy businessman, Luckey drummed up his start-up cash by refurbishing and selling busted iPhones, raking in $36,000. Today, his wealth is a whopping $700 million.

#5 Andrew Mason  

Andrew Mason has built a fortune of around $600 million. He’s the brains behind Groupon, the popular deals website that likely caught your eye or saved you some cash. Andrew’s early start in the deal game, combined with Groupon’s explosion in traffic and revenue, has filled his pockets impressively. Since its launch in 2008, Groupon has been on the rise, offering people everywhere daily bargains through online coupons. Each day, Groupon dishes out fresh deals, giving customers a break on various items, from quick bites to electronics. It all kicked off with a cool million from Andrew’s former boss to get things rolling, and that investment has certainly paid off in the mere two years since Groupon’s doors swung open. Looking at the success so far, we can count on more big things from Andrew and his Groupon team in the time ahead.

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#6  Matthew Mullenweg  

Matthew Mullenweg is valued at around $250 million. It’s great to see someone we recognize in the spotlight; chances are we’re all familiar with this young guy. The creator of WordPress, Matthew, is a name we come across nearly every day due to the platform’s widespread use. Interestingly, his roots aren’t in tech at all—he attended a school for the arts, mastered the Jazz Saxophone, and then ended up crafting one of the top tools for websites and blogs out there. In 2005, he launched Automattic, which powers WordPress and Akismet.

#7 Blake Ross  

Blake Ross has an impressive net worth of $150 million. He’s a well-known American software developer famous for contributing to Mozilla Firefox. By the young age of 25, he amassed a fortune of $150 million. In 2005, he was a contender for Wired Magazine’s prestigious Rave Award, competing with big names like Larry Page and Jon Stewart. Blake is also the co-founder of Parakey, a company that Facebook, the social media giant, acquired.

#8 Gurbaksh Chahal  

Gurbaksh Chahal is already worth about $100 million. This American writer and business whiz has successfully built two companies and amassed a fortune of $340 million before turning 30. Born in India and eventually making a California home, Gurbaksh quit school at 16 and jumped into business. Now, he’s the boss and creator of gWalletInc. It’s a truly impressive journey.

#9 Naveen Selvadurai 

Naveen Selvadurai’s net worth stands at a cool $80 million. Maybe Naveen’s name doesn’t ring a bell, yet he’s certainly made a splash. He pocketed most of that cash from a popular project—heard of Foursquare? Before launching that, he’d invested time at big names like Nokia, Sun Microsystems, and Sony.

#10 Angelo Sotira  

Valued at about 75 million, Angelo is a familiar name to numerous graphic artists, photographers, and web developers. He’s the innovative mind that launched DeviantArt. Along with co-founders Scott Jarkoff and Matt Stephens in 2000, the platform continues to grow impressively. Often dubbed the digital art world’s equivalent of Facebook, the site boasts a robust community and is a fascinating source of inspiration.

#11 Nat Turner  

With a net worth of $70 million, entrepreneur Nat Turner hit the jackpot, yet it’s fair to say he earned his fortune with hard work. In plain terms, he struck gold by establishing Invitemedia, a comprehensive advertising buying platform, per their website. Fortune favored him when tech behemoth Google swooped in to acquire his and his 23-year-old co-founders Zach Weinberg and Scott Becker’s company, sealing the deal at an awesome $70 million.

#12 Peter Cashmore  

Valued at about 70 million dollars, Peter Cashmore holds the title of CEO and founder of the one-of-a-kind online platform Mashable.com, which he launched in 2005. Pete has had the good fortune of being featured in Forbes Magazine’s prestigious “30 under 30” list and snagged a spot among the top 25 internet famous personalities. The brand has received much praise from various big-time publishers, and it seems to only keep improving as time marches on. With more than 10 million people flocking to the site monthly, the numbers are expected to climb even higher before the year ends.

#13 Alexander Levin 

Estimated to be worth 56 million, Alexander is a founding member of the highly successful photo storage site ImageShack. Accumulating a substantial fortune of 56 million, Alexander has certainly been successful. He launched the site in 2003 after dreaming it up during high school, and now it stands as one of the top sites for hosting images globally. Yet, Alexander didn’t set up ImageShack on his own. Without the help of his big brother Jack, Alexander might not have managed to get the website up and running.

#14 David Schottenstein 

Valued at about $52 million, David heads up Astor & Black as its founder and CEO. He earns most of his income through a network of 82 freelance sales professionals across the United States. Astor & Black operates as an online store, marketing custom-made, top-notch suits and formal attire. David’s team of personal tailors offers a valuable service – they visit your residence to help craft a distinctive and stylish look for your closet, ensuring you’re sharply dressed for any professional setting. Aimed at customers who desire and can afford luxury and attention to detail, David has successfully secured substantial earnings in this exclusive market, proving his proficiency in the enterprise.

 #15 Sean Belnick  

Worth about 50 million, Sean Belnick established his initial business at merely 14. After roughly three days locked in his bedroom, he emerged with Bizchair. Initially, he sold office chairs occasionally but soon expanded by employing his first employee and significantly boosting his sales. Today, he supplies office furniture to major corporations such as Google and Microsoft. His current estimated wealth is close to 50 million.

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#16 Tim O’Shaughnessy  

With an impressive net worth of 45 million, Tim O’Shaughnessy is among the creators of the widely known site Livingsocial.com. This online platform has carved a niche in social purchasing by rolling out daily bargains throughout the West. Their objective is to lavish a multitude of consumers with deals and specials at steep discounts, echoing the approach of their competitor Groupon. Countless deals have been snapped up by legions of satisfied shoppers every day.

#17 Eddie Frederick  

With an approximate fortune of $45 million, Eddie is President and co-founder of LivingSocial.com with Tim. Together, they’ve allowed many to snag great deals on goods and services across Western nations. Their hefty earnings stem from advertising and sales, explaining their millionaire status today.

#18 Matthew Mickiewicz  

Matthew Mickiewicz, valued at $40 million, is a familiar name as one of the founders of Sitepoint, a company well-known to many. Sitepoint is also behind 99designs, a website that quickly became a hit, bringing in millions for Matthew. He shares that his deep interest in web design and development sparked the business concept. Now, 11 years since he began, Matthew’s still on top of his game, with his companies showing no signs of slowing down.

#19  Ryan Block  

At approximately $30 million, Ryan started as a typical kid from Southern California before taking on a side job as a junior reporter at Engadget in 2004. He swiftly climbed the editorial ladder, eventually becoming Editor-in-Chief. In July 2009, Ryan used a modest starting fund of $550,000 to kickstart his project, gdgt.com, with some help. Currently, he enjoys the loyalty of numerous supporters and frequently addresses a wide range of queries about technology gadgets.

#20 Catherine Cook 

With an impressive net worth of $30 million, Catherine Cook is well-known in social networking. She was 18 when she launched the popular MyYearBook.com, a site largely supported by ad revenue. Catherine, who has earned her fortune on her own, focuses her site mainly on American teens under 18. If you’re curious, try it—it blends Facebook and Friends Reunited vibes.

#21 David Cook  

As mentioned earlier, David, valued at around $30 million, is Catherine Cook’s big brother, and he has done a fantastic job helping to grow the website. It’s interesting to consider that despite common sibling squabbles, these two motivated business people joined forces to amass a sizable wealth together. These entrepreneurs’ elder sibling Geoff, who might still be an emerging businessman, initially invested in their vision, providing $250,000. His backing appears to have been a wise gamble.

#22 Ryan Allis  

Ryan, valued at approximately 28 million, is the CEO and co-founder of iContact, a business similar to Mailchimp. Ryan has earned significant money through his efforts to increase email marketing sales for his company and clients. With a global customer base of over 50,000 and a popular book called “Zero to Million,” Ryan’s career is rapidly gaining momentum.

#23 Aodhan Cullen  

Aodhan Cullen, worth a staggering $18 million, is not a vampire like the ones in the Twilight movies. He founded StatCounter, an online service that monitors and analyzes website statistics. Despite starting the company at 16 in 1999, it quickly became popular. By 2008, StatCounter had accumulated over 2 million users globally.

#24 Susan Gregg-Koger 

Valued at 15 million, Susan Gregg-Koger holds the CEO and co-founder title of Modcloth.com. She launched the website from her college dorm, handling orders while juggling her studies, which shows serious dedication. Initially, her then-boyfriend, now her husband, crafted her website. From its early days, the site has been on an upward trajectory and continues to flourish. Today, it features over 300 designers who craft exclusive, standout pieces for their clientele, which is pretty impressive.

#25 Eric Koger  

At a value of 15 million, Eric is a valuable asset at Modcloth.com. He is responsible for the website’s layout and tech aspects. He collaborates with other creative team members to ensure the visuals are perfect. In addition to this, Eric also handles financial matters, such as budgeting and monitoring sales figures. Occasionally, he even takes product photos. 

#26 Rishi Kacker  

 Rishi played a key role in founding Voltagecom, a security firm worth approximately $12 million. The company focuses on protecting digital and physical data through technology and preventing the theft of personal information. Voltagecom currently has around a thousand clients and has experienced significant success. Rishi is still involved with the company, but ownership has changed, leading to Rishi amassing considerable wealth.

#27 Matt Pauker  

Matt, valued at around 12 million, is a former partner of Rishi Kacker and one of the founders of Voltage.com. The company was established in 2002, and Matt remains with it. He has been instrumental in shaping the company’s design and overall structure and is involved in every aspect of its operations. Voltage.com now serves major global companies and continues to grow. Matt has been recognized on Business Week’s list of the top 25 young entrepreneurs and featured in various reputable publications.

#28 Sean Whalen  

Sean, valued at approximately 10 million dollars, excels as a hands-on business owner who enjoys actively participating in the work and seeking exciting experiences. He created the AlterG treadmill, a unique treadmill designed for anti-gravity use. Why create such a machine? Not only is it a smart innovation, but it’s also ideal for athletes or seniors recovering from injuries. The treadmill enables users to exercise with just 20% of their normal body weight, making it easier and safer to build strength without adding unnecessary pain. Sean’s inspiration comes from his father, who worked as a research scientist at NASA.

#29 Joshua Dziabiak  

Joshua, now worth about 9 million, started his entrepreneurial journey at just 15 with his web hosting and design business. By 18, he’d expanded it enough to sell for a million bucks. That’s pretty impressive for anyone, let alone a teenager. And Joshua didn’t stop there. He has since climbed even higher, taking on the role of CEO and co-founder of Showclix.com. This ticket-selling platform caters to over a thousand clients annually and has already hit over a million in Aaron Levie ticket sales.

#30 Joshua Dziabiak  

Aaron is the CEO of Boxnet, a well-known website worth approximately 7 million. He’s also one of its co-founders. Aaron started Boxnet in 2005, when he was just 18, as a college class assignment. The website took off quickly during his college days, and they decided to launch it into the actual business landscape. That same year, Boxnet became an official company. These entrepreneurs attracted initial funding from business investor Mark Cuban and secured hefty amounts from other investors. Boxnet’s goal is to assist companies in sharing their content and data, both inside and outside their organizations, by offering tools and services for marketing and communication.

#31 Dylan Smith  

Valued at around $7 million, Dylan holds the deputy leader position at Boxnet and serves as the Chief Financial Officer there. Dylan’s expertise has made him a key figure in multiple other new ventures, not just Boxnet. Smith, Aaron’s trusted second-in-command, predominantly focuses on overseeing sales, management, and financial planning. Together, these young entrepreneurs have garnered close to $15 million in investments for emerging companies.

#32 David Carp 

Valued at an impressive $55 million, David kicked off Tumblr.com in 2007 to make it easy for folks to put whatever they wanted online. Seems like a solid plan, right? But really, who’s going to hop on this bandwagon? It turns out that about 42 million people have this, which tells us the idea’s pretty sweet. Up to now, he’s scored $55 million in backing from big-time investors, meaning his wealth could be more or less. Plus, he’s allowed many people worldwide to share their stuff with everyone else.

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8 Success Tips from Richest Young Entrepreneurs 

Forbes reports that 53 of the 2,153 billionaires worldwide are millennials. The Pew Research Center says millennials are those born from 1981 to 1996, making them 23 to 38 years old in 2019. 

These wealthy young entrepreneurs didn’t take their whole lives to become rich and successful—they did it much quicker. From Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel, here’s a look at what some wealthiest young entrepreneurs have shared.

#1 Avoiding Risk Is A Surefire Path To Defeat

During a 2011 talk at Y Combinator’s Startup School in Palo Alto, California, Facebook’s co-creator, Mark Zuckerberg, admitted to CBS that during Facebook’s initial years, he was clueless, acknowledging that slip-ups are bound to happen and they don’t define you.

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk,” the 35-year-old said at the time. In a world that’s changing quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”

#2 Ask For Help

Speaking at NYU, 38-year-old Brian Chesky, Airbnb’s cofounder, told hopeful business creators to vigorously pursue guidance and mentors, Inc.’s Kerry Close recounted.

“Every time I didn’t know how to do something, I figured there’s someone who does,” he said. “Some of the best entrepreneurs are the most shameless people in the world.”

#3 See Everything As an Opportunity 

Stripe’s co-founder and president, John Collison, is always looking for new chances, even when they appear nonexistent.

 “It’s easy for people to think the best opportunities are taken,” the 29-year-old told Wired in 2017. “I absolutely don’t think that is true at all. My advice to my younger self would be not to be too okay with the ways the world is broken, and instead see them as opportunities.”

“For instance, I don’t think anyone’s particularly happy with their mobile phone provider. If a better provider were to come around, I don’t think anyone would be particularly surprised,” he added.

#4 Save Money

Putting money aside has always been key, and its enduring value speaks for itself.

In a 2014 corporate magazine interview, 23-year-old Alexandra Andresen, part owner of Ferd Group, shared her insights. “I really save all the time, I’ve always done that,” she said. “I save when I get weekly wages and cash prizes I win at events, or if I get money as a gift for my birthday. It allows me to buy something I really want, like a purse or a pair of shoes, without having to ask mom or dad for money.”

#5 Keep Your Phone on Silent to Stay Focused and Minimize Distractions

During a conversation with the Entrepreneur, Chris Wanstrath revealed his top tip for staying productive: always keeping his phone silent. The GitHub co-founder, who is 34, swears by this easy trick.

“I don’t need to constantly be pulled out of the moment,” he said. “I learned that from writing code. You lose your train of thought and can’t jump back in. The less distractions you have, the more you can do a good job on what you’re doing. You already paid the cost of ramping into the zone, you don’t want to pay it again.”

#6 Keep Pushing Forward, Even When The Going Gets Rough

At 37, Pinterest’s co-founder and chief, Ben Silbermann, won’t easily back down. Facing an obstacle? Don’t see it as a cue to throw in the towel.

 “My general advice is to keep going even though there are a lot of things that are telling you not to, he told Business Insider in 2016. “The reason there’s no simple answer is because it’s kind of told in retrospect.”

He added, “You should bias toward keeping going unless you’re not personally in the position emotionally or financially where you can do that.”

#7 Define Your Own Success

“You should get rid of other people’s voices in your head,” Pavel Durov, the creator of Telegram Messenger, urged during a 2017 interview with The Huffington Post. “We’re so much influenced by people around us. Our relatives, our friends, what they believe is success and not and what is good and bad. We should get rid of that completely.”

“In a way, we should start to ignore everything that other people think or say about what we are doing. After that we should just focus on what we need,” he added.

#8 Life Is Not About Money

Snap Inc.’s co-founder Evan Spiegel, speaking at 2018’s Code Conference, per CNBC, insists that life is not just about money.

“Obviously, life is not about making money. Life’s not about winning awards. It’s not about winning competitions or whatever,” he said. “Life is really about having an impact on the world, changing the way that people experience the world, changing the way that you experience the world.”

“I think for me, one of the things that I worry about is that businesses very quickly reduce problems to numbers. They think about themselves in terms of numbers and they get obsessed with driving numbers. I think the interesting thing about humanity and about values is that these are things that can’t actually be quantified,” he continued. 


In conclusion, the tales of the 32 richest young entrepreneurs aren’t just pages from a fairy tale; they’re blueprints for success that speak volumes about innovation, grit, and the power of youthful vision. Each of these trailblazers started with a dream and a willingness to push beyond boundaries. If they can make it, why not you? Success isn’t reserved for a select few; it’s there for the taking of those courageous enough to chase it.

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