Astounding Companies Created by Young Entrepreneurs

Astounding Companies Created by Young Entrepreneurs

Astounding Companies Created by Young Entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs, far from being mere spectators, are leading the way with their unique and groundbreaking ideas. These exceptional individuals possess a remarkable knack for identifying and filling market gaps with innovative solutions that resonate with the digital generation. Their fresh perspectives and unwavering enthusiasm are not just redefining success but also setting new benchmarks across industries.

As we examine the success stories behind today’s top startups, we’ll uncover the traits that set these young moguls apart. From tech geniuses to sustainability stewards, these rising stars have one thing in common: a relentless drive to disrupt the status quo. Their bold ventures prove that age is, but a number and that impactful change can start with a single vision.

Join us as we shine a spotlight on the remarkable journeys of these next-generation creators. This inspirational walkthrough showcases their thriving enterprises and serves as a playbook for aspiring young entrepreneurs of America. Prepare to meet the faces behind the brands, making waves and carving out our future—one innovation at a time.

Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs: 15 Companies Fueled by Vision, Tenacity, and Youth

  1. Hannah Grace — BeYOUtiful

Prompted by her dad to concoct her cherished health and beauty items at home, Hannah Grace sprang into action. She mastered bath bomb crafting in no time and launched her brand, BeYOUtiful. Her creations are available online and in stores. Living with type 1 diabetes, Grace pledges to give 10% off every web sale to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund.

  1. Aline Morse — Zolli Candy 

At 7 years old, Alina Morse said no to a lollipop at the bank because sweets can hurt your teeth. This made her think: why not create yummy, teeth-friendly candy? That’s how Zollipops came to be, and soon Zolli Candy hit store shelves nationwide. As a teen CEO, Morse has grown the company to offer fun vegan, sugar-free candies like taffy and lozenges. She’s been in many magazines and started the Million Smiles Initiative, giving Zollipops to schools to get kids talking about keeping their teeth clean.

  1. Brandon and Sebastian Martinez — Are You Kidding 

Brothers Brandon and Sebastian Martinez jazz up wardrobes with their cool, quirky socks while supporting various charities. They give part of their earnings from special charity lines to groups like Big Brothers Big Sisters and Amigos for Kids and several organizations fighting pediatric cancer. In 2014, their “Are You Kidding” brand kicked off the “Kids Helping Kids” program, partnering with schools nationwide to aid in local fundraising events by providing socks and other essentials.

  1. Maddie Rae — Maddie Rae’s Slime Glue

Maddie Rae has become a big name in the slime game, leading the pack. When slime became all the rage in 2017, Maddie, a huge slime enthusiast, struggled to buy enough glue for her projects. That’s the main stuff you need for slime, you know? So, she got creative and teamed up with her dad to whip up a special kind of glue perfect for making slime. Before long, Maddie’s web shop grew to include all kinds of slime goodies, from the glue she made to cool add-ons for slime fun. She’s been setting records for the biggest slime batches and even kicked off a slime get-together called Slime Bash. Plus, she’s all over YouTube and TikTok sharing her slime skills. Now, her slime products are just a click or a store visit away!

  1. Mikaila Ulmer — Me & the Bees Lemonade

When Mikaila Ulmer was just 4, she needed a cool project for a kids’ business contest. Lucky for her, two things happened at the right time: a bee stung her, and she got her great-grandma Helen’s special lemonade recipe that uses flaxseeds. Ulmer had a bright idea: why not make something good for bees and use that awesome recipe? She started mixing in honey and came up with Me & the Bees Lemonade. Her company has been making tasty lemonades for more than ten years. They also give away 10% of what they earn to save bees. You can buy her lemonade at Costco, on the internet, and at different stores. Ulmer didn’t stop there; she wrote a book called “Bee Fearless: Dream Like a Kid.” It’s all about how she started a business that does good in the world while still young.

  1. Sofia Overton — Wise Pocket

Have you ever wished for leggings with a pocket for your cell? Sofia Overton’s got your back with her Wise Pocket gear. One time, Overton saw her cousin shove a phone into her boot because her leggings lacked pockets. That sparked an idea in Overton. She got busy and whipped up a sock with a special spot to keep your phone safe. She even showed off her invention on “Shark Tank.” Overton isn’t stopping at socks, either; she’s now whipping up leggings decked out with pockets. On top of that, she’s kicking off a giving-back project called The Wise Movement. It’s all about sending socks to shelters, where they’re super needed by folks without homes.

  1. Evan Moana — EvanTubeHD YouTube Channel

In 2016, Evan Moana became the youngest YouTube millionaire. He launched EvanTubeHD in fourth grade, starting with reviews of trending toys for kids. The channel now boasts over 7 million fans. Evan’s family is also creating YouTube content and is active on TikTok. Evan has multiple channels, his sister stars in her own and their joint ventures, and together with their parents, they share fun family moments and take on exciting challenges. The cash Evan makes from deals and ads is tucked into college savings and other financial plans for him and his sister Jillian.

  1. Maya Penn — Maya’s Ideas

Maya Penn started her company, Maya’s Ideas, in 2008 at eight years old. She sells eco-friendly fashion items and was a trendsetter in the slow fashion. Maya does it all as the creative mind and boss of her business. She has become a green crusader, author, and popular voice, delivering multiple TED Talks. Maya wrote the book “You Got This” and inspired people with her talks. In 2011, she set up Maya’s Ideas 4 The Planet to tackle global warming from all angles. Plus, she’s into animation, crafting a bunch of short films.

  1. Moziah Bridges — Mo’s Bows

Moziah “Mo” Bridges launched his company, Mo’s Bows, from his grandma’s kitchen at 9. Driven by his quest for cool bow ties, Bridges created a business crafting trendy, vivid bow ties with various patterns. His label has gained global fame, pushing him to pursue fashion design studies in college. Bridges’ enterprise in Memphis, Tennessee, now also offers neckties, pocket squares, and clothes. He’s even penned a kids’ book, “Mo’s Bows: A Young Person’s Guide to Startup Success,” inspired to spark that entrepreneurial spirit in other youngsters.

  1. Benjamin Stern — Nohbo

Ben Stern got annoyed with the problem of using too much plastic while he was still a freshman in high school. He started cooking a clever fix during biology class and soon developed an awesome eco-friendly business called Nohbo. He made stuff like shampoo and soap that’s good for the planet because they don’t come in plastic bottles. Nohbo Drops are cool one-time-use packs that dissolve in water, and you can get them for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, or even shaving cream. They’re free of bad stuff and don’t make any plastic trash. Ben showed off his idea on the TV show Shark Tank, and Mark Cuban thought it was so cool that he put money into it. Now, Nohbo is getting a lot of high-fives as a big-deal startup, teaming up with names like Capital One, 4 Ocean, and One People One Reef. Ben’s still the boss, always considering new ways to reduce plastic pollution.

  1. Cory Nieves — Mr. Cory’s Cookies 

At age 6, Cory Nieves didn’t like riding the bus and dreamed of his mom having a car. To make this happen, he started small businesses, first selling hot cocoa and lemonade. His big idea? To whip up the ultimate chocolate chip cookie without any artificial stuff. Cory and his mom, Lisa, got to baking, and after messing up and trying again, they nailed it. That’s how Mr. Cory’s Cookies came to life. They didn’t stop there—they cooked up even more cookie flavors. Cory’s cookies caught on, and he teamed up with some big stores like Whole Foods, J. Crew, and Pottery Barn. On top of that, he’s all about giving back and has joined forces with charities around New York City.

  1. Nic Bianchi — Bianchi Candle Co.

At just 12, Nic Bianchi created his own business, Bianchi Candle Co., combining his passions for math, science, and fragrant, eco-friendly, homemade candles. He lovingly crafts each collection by hand in tiny sets, using pure soy wax that ensures a longer, cleaner burn. Nic’s enterprise now features extras like scent diffusers and a range of exclusive candle collections under his brand name. While all his candles are still crafted by hand, they’re available in local stores nationwide. Bianchi also gives back, sharing profits with several charities, including the American Cancer Society, Partnerships 4 Kids, and the Angels Among Us Society.

  1. Gabby Goodwin — GaBBy Bows

When Gabby Goodwin was just 7, she and her mom Rozalynn saw that her favorite hair clips kept falling out and getting lost. Together, they created a special barrette that stayed in place all day, even when Gabby was super active. The new hair clip was called the Double-Faced Double Snap Barrette. They got a patent for their unique design and started a company named GaBBy Bows, where Gabby is now the boss! They didn’t stop there; they also came up with Confidence by GaBBy, a hair care line made from plants that makes doing hair easier for moms and daughters. Gabby and Rozalynn also help others learn about running a business and caring for their hair.

  1. Miracle Olatunji — OpportuniMe

Miracle Olatunji launched OpportuniMe in high school to link fellow teens with paths to grow their careers, expand their circles, and find what they love before college. Now a college student, Olatunji sticks with OpportuniMe while also boosting her professional life. She does coaching, gives advice, teams up with brands, and speaks at big events. She penned the book “Purpose: How to Live and Lead with Impact” and has been featured in the Boston Business Journal’s ’25 under 25′ and Forbes.

  1. Caleb Nelson — Romeo Rickshaws

In 2017, a young entrepreneur named Caleb Nelson and his dad kicked Romeo’s Rickshaws out of their hometown, Cedar City, Utah. Caleb was just a spry 14-year-old when they began. They timed the launch to coincide with the bustling Utah Shakespeare Festival, a major draw for tourists in the state. The rickshaw service took off, becoming a hit with out-of-towners. Soon enough, they widened their reach, zipping through downtown and offering rides for big moments like wedding days. Caleb even added more drivers to the mix and started giving tours around Cedar City. The cost- or lack thereof- made Romeo’s Rickshaws really stand out. They skipped set prices in favor of tips, making them stand out.

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Young Entrepreneurs of America Founder Brock Laramee’s Advice

Profile photo of Brock Laramee

In a FOX13 interview, YEA’s Brock Laramee advised young entrepreneurs to consider starting a business.

Choose Something You Love

“People realize they’re not as safe in their jobs, so they are interested in what business ownership would look like,” Laramee mentioned during the segment. However, he noted that curiosity has not always led to action, adding, “but that doesn’t mean they have leaped.”

His success is not without its lessons, and Laramee’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is simple and heartfelt. “Pick something that you love. If you work on something you like, it’s not going to feel like work, and you’re going to keep on doing it, and that’s what is going to make you successful,” he advised young entrepreneurs. 

Start Young

Laramee’s business success didn’t come overnight, though. Like the young entrepreneurs featured here, he started early. “My father was in business. He had a Landscaping nursery and a roofing company,” Laramee recollected. Despite his early interest in entrepreneurship, he admitted to initial struggles.

“I started a landscaping nursery, and before we began to see any profits, I left and started doing other things, and we didn’t see the profit,” Laramee shared. His reflection on these early ventures reveals a younger self still trying to find his way.

Take a Leap of Faith

It wasn’t until he stepped away from a management role leading a team of 30 in Tampa, where he’s now been residing for five years, that Laramee experienced an epiphany that eventually led to the birth of YEA. The isolation from a social life comparable to his entrepreneurial spirit created a gap he felt compelled to fill.

“I didn’t know anyone like me, people that were enterprising, looking for more in the world,” Laramee admitted. The desire to connect with like-minded individuals led to a pivotal conversation with a friend who encouraged him to take action. “Brock, if you create a group to bring people like us together, I’ll be your first member,” his friend promised.

Buckling down on that idea, the Young Entrepreneurs of America started humbly and gradually grew. Membership numbers fluctuated, but persistence paid off. “Slowly began four people, eight people, twelve people. We’d go up and down a little bit until eventually, that twenty-five people, forty people, and people started coming,” Laramee recounted with pride. The enterprise then transitioned to a paid model, solidifying its foundation and signifying its value to members.

Brock Laramee is an accomplished young entrepreneur based in Tampa, Florida. He is the Chief Business Development Officer at Young Entrepreneurs of America, LLC (YEA), where he runs an amazing community for young entrepreneurs in the Tampa Bay area. YEA provides networking opportunities, support, and resources for budding business talents between 18 and 40. If you’re interested, you can join Young Entrepreneurs of America for free and be part of this vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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