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Exhibitor Booth Sponsor Package for July 9 YEA Seminar Event

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June 30, 2024 12:00 am

    Looking to get in front of 50*+ Young Entrepreneurs to present your business?

    Look no further...

    The most amazing package has now become available!

    As an exhibitor sponsor, you will receive:

    - Live booth at YEA Seminar event sized 2 by 4 (YEA provides table and tablecloth)
    - Two Hour Private time with Brock for Coaching, helping you Make More Money
    - Shoutout from event host saying, “Thank You” Live in front of 50* Entrepreneur Guests!
    - Access to VIP Platinum Lounge including refreshments, snacks, and guru access
    - Photo opportunities with speaker, founder, and VIP Guests
    - Media coverage (press release: custom 500-word article published on YEA website)
    - Physical award recognition on stage at annual awards event in October (Must spend more than $500.00 in total sponsorship revenue in that calendar year) Certificate if less than $500)
    - Exclusive rights to distribute marketing materials at our event

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    *Guest attendance is not guaranteed however attendance is typically avg 45-55 persons



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