Little Entrepreneurs: Top 25 Summer Business Ideas for Kids

Little Entrepreneurs: Top 25 Summer Business Ideas for Kids

Little Entrepreneurs: Top 25 Summer Business Ideas for Kids

Imagine the kids lounging around, groaning about how boring this summer will be. But what if you could channel that energy into something exciting and profitable? If you want to start your kid or sibling young, now’s the perfect time to explore kidpreneur business ideas!

Kid entrepreneurs can gain real-world skills while having a blast. From small-scale lemonade stands to craft unique handmade items, there are numerous fun business ideas to ignite your young entrepreneur’s passion. Ready to turn this summer into the launchpad for your child’s first venture? Let’s start right in!

Top 5 Reasons to Help Your Kids Start a Business

Students who launch a business before high school gain an edge on college and job resumes. Additionally, nurturing young entrepreneurs has numerous other benefits.

Developing Entrepreneurial Skills

Children acquire key abilities, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making. These are vital for business and enhance academic and personal growth.

Financial Literacy

By managing a business, youngsters learn about the importance of money, budgeting, and financial planning. They get hands-on experience in earning, saving, and investing, creating a solid base for their financial future.

Boosting Confidence and Independence

Operating a business helps children develop a sense of responsibility and independence. They build confidence as their ideas materialize and learn to navigate successes and failures.

Enhancing Creativity and Innovation

Launching a business inspires kids to think creatively and innovatively. They learn to generate unique ideas, solve problems, and adjust to new situations.

Strengthening Family Bonds

Collaborating on a business offers quality time for parents and kids. It promotes teamwork, communication, and mutual understanding, strengthening family ties while achieving a shared goal.

25 Exciting Business Ideas for Kids to Try

1. Greeting card designer

If your kid loves art and graphic design, consider supporting them to start a greeting card venture. They can learn digital tools like Canva or Illustrator or digitize handmade cards to sell online using print-on-demand services. This is a fantastic small business for children and enhances their social skills. Print some cards for your child to sell at a local market.

Skills earned: Understanding of digital tools, social skills, writing abilities.

2. Summer Camp Director

Teens and older kids can greatly help local families during summer. Guide your child to create a backyard summer camp. Consider options like theater, art, or gardening camps—choose what suits your kid’s talents best. Young entrepreneurs can earn money and learn meaningful life and business skills.

Skills acquired: Engaging with younger kids, Teaching abilities, Organizing and planning

3. Recyclable Materials Gatherer

Don’t wait for Earth Day to talk to your kids about sustainability. In cities with solid recycling systems, kids can earn money and protect the environment by collecting recyclables. Redeemable items like bottles and cans can be exchanged for cash in some areas. Alternatively, kids can gather specific trash types to create new items, such as bags made from old plastic bags or drinking glasses from repurposed bottles. 

Skills gained: Activism, Smart consumer choices, and Organizational abilities.

4. Little Chef

Is your child eager to assist in the kitchen? This venture allows them to explore cooking and practice fundamental math by adjusting recipes. Encourage them to transform their passion into a business by preparing cakes for parties or selling treats at the neighborhood farmers’ market. 

Skills gained: Innovative thinking, financial planning, and communication abilities.

5. E-Sports Enthusiast

E-sports is usually viewed as a big kids’ activity. However, numerous young teenagers have mastered gaming and made a living. If your child is skilled with video games, they can join competitions or begin live streaming on Twitch. Gamers can earn money in several ways, such as launching ads on YouTube or testing new games.

Skills Acquired: Social media and streaming, Fine motor skills, Social interaction

6. Thrift Flip Business

This low-cost venture is perfect for kids interested in fashion, decor, and vintage wear. By hunting for rare items in local thrift shops, kids can make money reselling these treasures through local online markets or their online store. Many resellers use Instagram to display new arrivals. With adult guidance, kids can effectively learn how to use social media for business purposes.

Skills learned: Photography, Website building, Social media handling.

7. Kid’s Groundbreaking Invention

With parental assistance, a child’s invention can be mass-produced or handmade and sold online. Young people who enjoy STEM can apply their knowledge by spotting an issue relevant to their age group and creating a solution. 

Skills gained: Design, Problem-Solving, and Research.

8. Student Tutoring

A diligent student can assist classmates and younger kids through online or in-person tutoring. They require extraordinary communication abilities, a stable internet connection, and expertise in a particular subject. Support your child in building an essential website to promote their services and schedule lessons. 

Skills developed: Understanding, technical know-how, patience.

9. Online Content Creator

Kids who love hobbies like gaming or fashion can grow an audience by making video reviews, demos, or unboxing on sites like YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, or podcast networks. Eventually, this fun activity might become an online business earning money through ads, sponsorships, or merchandise. Young influencers gain confidence and technical skills, prepping them for high school, college, or creative careers. Depending on the child’s age, parents should keep an eye on social platforms for safety.

Skills Acquired: Video Editing, Community Building, Handling Online Bullies & Trolls

10. Creative Crafter: Small Goods for Sale

With their parents’ assistance, children can sell small items like beaded jewelry, soaps, and bath bombs through online marketplaces. Numerous crafts suitable for kids to create and sell are available—choose one that matches your child’s interests and abilities. Most of these projects require minimal startup costs for materials, and children can handle the manufacturing themselves. Under adult guidance, kids can also learn to design a website and manage an online store to sell their creations.

Skills gained: Creativity, Marketing, Fine motor skills.

11. Small-Scale Pop-Up Business Owner

A stand selling lemonade can lead to a pop-up booth or market presence. It’s an excellent venture for kids to gain experience in customer interaction and sales. Set up a table on the lawn and let your children offer homemade goodies, plants, or DIY crafts.

Skills acquired: Customer Interaction, Selling Techniques, Handling Finances

12. Coding Magician

Coding and digital skills are very important for many future careers. Various programs help teach kids to code based on their learning styles. Once they get it, assist them in starting a business by creating and designing websites for others, instructing others in coding, or providing digital services locally.

Skills gained: Coding, Problem-solving, Communication.

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13. Pet or Plant Sitting

Caring for pets and plants and dog walking have often been the go-to jobs for younger kids wanting extra pocket money, particularly when they’re too young to babysit. However, children who enjoy these tasks can transform them into a proper pet care venture. Parents can assist by creating a simple website showcasing services and rates and enabling online bookings and payments. A dog-walking service is ideal for kids with packed schedules who can accommodate clients before and after school. 

Skills gained include time management, responsibility, and customer service.

14. Costume Builder

The worldwide cosplay costume industry is expected to hit $23 billion by 2030. Creative kids who excel at sewing, sculpting, painting, or using a 3D printer might be inclined to start their costume venture. Young costume crafters can showcase their talents on social media platforms. With parental assistance, they can launch an Instagram shop, create an eBay profile, or even establish their online store.

Skills gained: Precision, Hand-eye coordination, Online marketing

15. Young Artist Creator

Encourage your child’s love of art, craft, or design by showing them the business angle of the creative world. If your kid aspires to be an artist, help them discover the vast opportunities in the industry. Parents can create a primary online shop and integrate print-on-demand, letting children sell their designs on T-shirts, mugs, and stickers. This idea opens multiple doors. Children who thrive in front of the camera may become content creators, making art tutorials or offering online design lessons.

Skills gained: Website building, Creativity, Customer service.

16. Performer Prodigy

Talents such as musical skills, showcasing magic tricks, or creating cosplay could launch your child’s first venture. Even younger children can gain clients through school, the community, or referrals and perform at events and celebrations. This business idea fits nicely with online content creation, too. Kids might begin a YouTube or TikTok channel to attract an audience with their abilities.

Skills gained: Creativity, Public Speaking, Confidence.

17. Champion of Social Change

Kids can find awesome business ideas through social causes. When the aim isn’t profit but learning, a social-focused business teaches kids about kindness and community spirit. Gen Alpha is super aware of environmental issues and eager to act, not just read, says Abdaal. With help from parents, they can start a registered charity or give earnings from any business to a cause they care about. They might also use their tech skills to help nonprofits for free.

Skills gained: Compassion, Fundraising, Activism.

18. Mini Tech Support

Children born after 2010, known as Gen Alpha, have grown up surrounded by technology. They are more familiar with it from an early age than any prior generation. According to Abdaal Mazhar Shafi, an entrepreneur and UpstartED cofounder, the technology significantly shapes the worldview, opportunities, and skills they aim to develop. They are bridging the technology gap.

Your child might be better equipped than you to handle tech business ideas. Encourage them to start a business by promoting their tech support services to neighbors and the local community. This small business idea leverages their technological strengths and helps them gain experience working with adults.

Skills Earned: Tech expertise, Engaging with older generations, Communication skills

19. Skateboard Maintenance Guru

If your kid loves skateboarding, they’ve got a ready audience among peers at the skatepark. A resourceful child can launch a neighborhood skateboard repair service with affordable tools and YouTube guidance. Offering a mobile, on-the-spot solution for adjusting or replacing wheels, they bring convenience to the community. 

Skills gained: hand-eye coordination, chatting with customers, and handling cash.

20. Festival or Beach Stall

Parents wanting to make long summers enjoyable and educational can help kids start a vending business. With funding from parents, kids can bulk-buy items like water, Popsicles, or sunscreen to sell at local events, festivals, or even the beach. It’s a moving version of the traditional lemonade stand. Permits or fees might be needed for specific locations, and parents should be ready to assist. Allow children to take charge by letting them create signs or design their cart or booth. 

Skills learned: Design, money management, people skills.

21. Children’s Author and Illustrator

Do you have a budding storyteller at home? Children with wild imaginations will adore this simple kid business idea using print-on-demand. You won’t need a publisher’s approval to create and sell an illustrated children’s book. Locate a print-on-demand service to assist in self-publishing and bringing your child’s tales to reality.

Skills gained: Writing skills, Creativity, Publishing

22. Community Supporter

Through small business ideas, children can offer various services within their community. Kids can begin by performing tasks like mowing lawns, raking leaves, shoveling snow, and running basic errands. To promote their enterprise, children can create flyers and approach nearby residents for recommendations. Alternatively, with the assistance of their parents, they can open a primary Shopify store to schedule appointments using a booking app.

Skills Developed: Using both manual and power tools, Managing time efficiently, Interacting with people effectively

23. Photography

Kids can start by learning the basics of photography, understanding how to use a camera, and then taking photos of nature, events, or portraits. They can sell their photos online or at local art shows.

Skills Acquired: Creativity, Technical Skills, Attention to Detail

24. T-Shirt Design

Children can make cool graphics or phrases for T-shirts with fabric paint or heat transfers. They can market their products online or at community fairs.

Skills Acquired: Creativity, Fine Motor Skills, Marketing

25. Book Club

Kids can start a book club, where they choose a book to read and discuss it with others. The club can charge a membership fee for organizing and moderating the discussions.

Skills Acquired: Leadership, Communication, Critical Thinking

Starting a kidpreneur journey this summer offers your kids a fun, creative, and educational experience. Through these business ideas, children grasp entrepreneurship basics, financial savvy, and problem-solving while gaining confidence and independence. These activities create lasting memories, boost family connections, and stir innovation and self-reliance.

To further encourage your child’s entrepreneurial side, join Young Entrepreneurs of America. We provide resources, guidance, and a space with fellow young business enthusiasts eager to learn and succeed. Sign up now and equip your child with the support needed to bring their summer business ideas to life. Let’s inspire the next wave of business leaders together.

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