Maximizing Brand Impact: Top 23 Social Media Platforms of 2024

Maximizing Brand Impact: Top 23 Social Media Platforms of 2024

Maximizing Brand Impact-Top 23 Social Media Platforms of 2024

Tapping social media platforms is vital for companies that want to make a bigger splash for their brand and connect with more people. There are so many choices, and it might take a lot of work to figure out which ones are the best for getting your brand noticed and talked about.

Businesses trying to make a mark online must pick their way through many different social media sites, each with its unique users and style. From big names like Facebook and Instagram to newer spots for particular groups, social media keeps changing. This can mean new chances and problems for brands that want to be seen among all the online buzz.

We’ve put together a complete guide to the top 23 social media platforms of 2024. This guide is packed with info to help companies understand where to share their brand’s story and how to build real bonds with the people they want to reach. Let’s explore the fast-changing world of social media and discover the best moves for making your brand’s voice heard in the vast world of the internet.

Top 23 Social Media Platforms and Apss for Success in 2024

This lineup is sorted to show the most recent counts of monthly active users. Even though knowing how many people use these sites is helpful, it doesn’t mean the one with the most users is the top pick for your brand. If your ideal customers aren’t hanging out there, it’s not worth your time and effort.

To score the best results for your business, determine where your perfect customers will most likely be online. That’s where you should focus your social media marketing to boost your return on investment (ROI).

1. Facebook — 3.05 billion MAUs

Facebook is the biggest social platform globally, with a massive user base of over 3 billion monthly users, per Statista. That’s about 37% of all people on Earth! The sister app of Facebook, Messenger, is just a little behind, with 931 million people chatting monthly.

An impressive count of over 200 million companies, predominantly small ones, harness Facebook’s tools. Over seven million marketers are getting the word out about their brands there. So, it’s a solid choice for anyone looking to shine on social platforms.

Jumping into Facebook is a breeze; you can shine with posts, photos, videos, and stories. Remember, though, Facebook’s all about fostering chats and deep connections, especially with friends and kin.

2. WhatsApp — 2.78 billion MAUs

WhatsApp is a popular chat app with a massive reach. It is used across more than 180 nations and has roughly 278 million active users, per Statista. At first, it connected family and buddies through texts, but companies have jumped on board with 2018’s WhatsApp Business debut. By June 2023, WhatsApp Business hit a whopping 200 million monthly users.

With WhatsApp’s business features, companies can easily chat with customers, update them on orders, and offer help when needed. Smaller ventures can go for the WhatsApp Business app, while bigger outfits might opt for the WhatsApp Business API.

3. YouTube — 2.49 billion MAUs 

People gobble up a billion hours’ worth of videos on YouTube daily. It is the runner-up in the social media race and is touted as the number two search engine, trailing just behind Google, its big boss. So, if videos are your thing for getting the word out about your biz, you must recognize YouTube in your promotional mix. Check out the The Ultimate Guide to Starting a YouTube Channel and Monetizing Your Content

To make sure your videos pop up for more viewers, you should brush up on YouTube SEO tactics or think about running some ads on YouTube to broaden your audience.

4. Instagram — 2.04 billion MAUs

Instagram is your go-to for flaunting your goods or services through eye-catching snaps and clips. It’s a breeze to put out all sorts of stuff there—like pics, videos, Stories, Reels, and even live streams. For businesses, setting up a shop on Instagram hooks you up with snazzy analytics for your page and posts. Plus, you can time your posts with extra help from other apps. Plus, it’s the perfect spot to scoop up some fantastic content your followers cook up and share, tagging your brand.

5. WeChat — 1.32 billion MAUs 

Launched in 2011 by the tech giant Tencent, WeChat is a major hit in China, boasting over 1.32 billion active monthly users—80% of the country’s population hooked on the app! It started as a simple way to chat, much like WhatsApp or Messenger, but it has grown! Now, you can do a lot more: text, call, shop online, settle bills, grab groceries, move cash, make bookings, hail cabs—you name it.

It’s the top dog of social media in China and beyond, especially since favorites like Facebook are a no-go. Want to make your mark in China? WeChat’s your ticket. Splash your ads on the WeChat timeline or even in daily momentary posts folks see. And remember the WeChat celebs! They’ve got the power to shoot your brand’s name into the smartphones of millions across China.

 6. TikTok — 1.22 billion MAUs

TikTok, or Douyin as it’s called in China, is all about bite-sized video sharing. Launched in 2017, it’s quickly become a hit worldwide, even zooming past Google in web traffic. It’s a place where you can craft and post videos from a quick 15 seconds up to 10 minutes, spicing them up with a massive selection of tunes, sounds, and excellent video effects.

There’s something for everyone on TikTok – from catchy lip-syncs and funky dance moves to handy life hacks and beauty how-tos. Nearly half of TikTok’s audience in the US is young, between 10 to 29 years old. So, if those are the people you want to connect with, TikTok is the perfect online hangout for your brand.

7. Telegram — 800 million MAUs

Telegram is a no-cost chat service that links multiple gadgets and lets you easily send big files. Its secret sauce is the total privacy it offers for every message, group talk, and file sent among users. This commitment to keeping things under lock and key has attracted loads of new users, particularly after WhatsApp, under its owner Meta, decided to change its privacy terms to share user data.

Businesses have many fantastic ways to tap into Telegram besides just chatting one-on-one with customers. They can whip up automatic chat helpers or use Telegram’s broadcasting tool to send updates to a staggering 200,000 followers at once.

8. Snapchat — 750 million MAUs

Snapchat is all about sharing pictures and quick clips, called snaps, with buddies. It kicked off the craze for upright videos that have spread to other picture-based social apps like Instagram and TikTok. But Instagram Stories threw a wrench in how much Snapchat grew and how much companies wanted to advertise.

Still, with 69% of American teens on Snapchat, it’s a hot spot if you’re looking to chat with the younger crowd. If that’s who you’re after, think about hopping onto Snapchat. New to it? We’ve got a simple Snapchat starter guide for you. Can’t pick between Snapchat and Instagram for your brand? We’ve got a breakdown that compares the two, just for you.

9. Kuaishou — 673 million MAUs 

Kuaishou is a Chinese contender to Douyin, also known internationally as TikTok. Just like its peers, Kuaishou enables its users to jazz up their photos or clips with text and fun stickers and layer on catchy audio snippets. It also offers the chance to go live and connect with an audience or to create extended video content.

Kuaishou has a stronger appeal among the older generations, particularly those in China’s countryside, distinguishing it from TikTok. Additionally, Kuaishou leans more towards making money through e-commerce than ad sales.

10. Sina Weibo — 599 million MAUs

 “Weibo” translates to “microblog” in Chinese. It’s a platform created by Sina Corporation in 2009, and it’s similar to Twitter and Instagram. On Weibo, you can share pics, clips, and tales, check out hot topics, sprinkle in some hashtags, and chat on the spot.

It’s a bit different from WeChat – Weibo tends to lure in the younger crowd with its fresh and buzzworthy stuff. The New York Times even mentioned that Weibo’s your stage if you aim to catch some viral attention in China. Plus, it’s a handy spot for companies to kick off official pages, hit up their audience, and splash out on some ads.

11. QQ — 571 million MAUs 

In 1999, Tencent launched QQ in China; before WeChat showed up, it was the top messaging choice. More than just chat, QQ lets you personalize your online look, catch movies, dive into games, enjoy tunes, hit up digital stores, blog, and even handle your money. Fast forward to today, and while WeChat’s in the lead, QQ has retained its charm, especially with the young crowd. It’s got a global footprint in 80 countries and offers multiple languages. Cool feature? No phone? No problem! You can start using QQ without a cell number, a big win for youngsters who are more about computers than phones.

Still, QQ’s biggest fans are office folks. They love how simple it is to chat on their computers, and the bonus is sending big files over 25 MB, which you can’t do on WeChat.

12. QQ — 558 million MAUs

QQ, or Qzone, by tech giant Tencent, is China’s all-in-one social network and blogging platform. Users get creative by posting multimedia, keeping personal journals, blogging, gaming, and even streaming tunes within this one app. It’s like Facebook in how you can buddy up with other people, scroll through the latest news from pals, drop comments, share cool stuff, or hit ‘like’ on posts, not to mention jazzing up your profile with snazzy pictures.

But here’s the scoop: while most apps gain users, QQ’s crowd is thinning out. The app saw its Monthly Active Users (MAUs) dive a hefty 574 million in 2022 to a slightly less impressive 558 million in 2023.

 13. X (formerly Twitter) — 550 million MAUs

X’s active monthly users have been pegged at a range from 335 million up to 666 million. But in a recent talk from September 2023, X’s boss, Linda Yaccarino, let on that they’re at 550 million MAUs, so that’s what we’re rolling with.

Once going by the name Twitter, this hub draws in folks eager to share the latest on everything from celeb buzz to sports to what’s hot in politics. Standing out from most social media, it’s all about what’s buzzing this very minute – and you get just 280 characters to say it (140 if you’re tweeting in Japanese, Korean, or Chinese).

Loads of companies see Twitter as another way to sort out customer woes. Ad folks on Twitter tell us a whopping 80% of cries for help on social media come through Twitter. Even Salesforce hails Twitter as today’s go-to “1800 Number” to ensure customers are happy.

14. Pinterest — 465 million MAUs

Pinterest is your go-to spot for everything creative, from fresh product finds to exciting ideas. On Pinterest, users save images that connect to web content, shop items, articles, or online projects. It’s a top-notch place for leading folks back to your site, and avid Pinterest users are super likely to buy stuff they’ve saved. Major hits on this social space cover style, cosmetics, home vibes, and do-it-yourself projects. If you’re in any of these fields, consider jumping on the Pinterest marketing bandwagon to boost your business’s visibility.

15. Reddit — 430 million MAUs

In April 2023, Reddit hit a massive milestone with around 17 billion visits, earning its title as the internet’s go-to hub. It’s where the latest news, celeb Q&As, and deep dives into special-interest topics all happen. Looking for a community dedicated to, well, anything? Reddit’s subreddits are where it’s at. But if you’re considering bringing your brand into the mix, like a cosmetics line considering the r/beauty space, do some homework first. Some forums buzz more than others.

Just a heads up: overtly promoting your stuff is usually a no-go. Instead, jump into the subreddit scene by asking questions, dishing out advice, and chatting it up. On top of that, Reddit’s a goldmine for fresh content ideas and even a spot for some subtle advertising.

16. LinkedIn — 424 million MAUs 

With over 424 million regular users, LinkedIn has grown beyond job hunting and CV hosting to become a critical space for pros to connect, showcase their expertise, and grow their reputation. Companies also flock here to mark their authority in their fields and snag the best employees.

17. Quora — 300 million MAUs 

Quora is where folks swap knowledge on all subjects through a Q&A style set up on their site and app. Users give thumbs-up or thumbs-down to responses and leave comments and share what they like. If you’re a business, you can make your own Quora profile to chat about what you offer or dive into industry hot topics. Plus, there’s an ad space to help promote your brand. Seeing as 63% of people check stuff online before they buy, Quora’s a prime spot to catch the eyes of shoppers scoping out their next buy.

18. Discord — 154 million MAUs

Discord is a chat app made mostly for players where you can set up your own spaces, hop into groups, and talk with friends through voice or messages as it’s happening. It’s a hit because it’s simple to handle, you can tweak it a bunch, and it works with all sorts of tech gear. Now, it’s not just for gamers – companies, schools, and teams are getting in on it.

19. Twitch — 140 million MAUs 

Twitch is a live broadcast service for game lovers. It beams video game action and other fun stuff. Folks can set up their spot, share their playtime, and chat with viewers.

Twitch has become a big spot for video game fans and esports pros. Players, squads, and big showdowns get aired here. It thrives on folks teaming up, letting streamers grow their fans and make cash through member support, tips, and deals.

20. Tumblr — 135 million MAUs

Tumblr is a bustling microblogging platform, drawing in 135 million engaged users monthly. Whether through text, images, clips, GIFs, sounds, or hyperlinks, members freely exchange a vast array of content spanning all conceivable topics and passions. Beyond just sharing, you can personalize your blog’s style, which is why numerous individuals turn their Tumblr page into their personal website.

21. Threads by Instagram — 100 million

Threads, Instagram’s response to Twitter, took app markets by storm in 2023, quickly soaring to 100 million registrations within days. Though it seemed to lose steam initially, Threads has consistently added fresh features, sending the number of monthly active users through the roof.

Boasting almost 100 million regular users, Facebook’s chief, Mark Zuckerberg, has high hopes for Threads, predicting it could hit the 1 billion user mark in the coming years.

22. Mastodon — 1.7 million MAUs

Mastodon, the newcomer in social media platforms, saw its popularity skyrocket, zooming from 300,000 to more than 17 million monthly active users in just a year.

This fresh platform is built on decentralized, open-source tech, letting folks set up their servers for chats and shares. You can post text up to 5,000 characters and spice it up with pics, tunes, and videos.

23. Bluesky — MAU unknown

Bluesky is a decentralized, invite-only online community that operates on an open-source framework. Despite not revealing how many users actively engage each month, the network celebrated reaching one million total members in September 2023.

Jack Dorsey, who previously led Twitter, developed Bluesky while he held the CEO position. The service, available on both iOS and Android, mirrors the look and feel of Dorsey’s earlier venture.

How to Maximize Social Media Platforms for Business Networking 

Discover who’s watching, spruce up your profile, and jump into valuable chats. We break down doable moves to use social media platforms for growing your circle and boosting your brand’s visibility. Newbie or pro, getting social media networking right is critical to staying ahead and forging enduring bonds in our woven-together world. 

Understanding Your Target Audience and Platform Selection

Knowing who you’re reaching out to is vital when networking on social media platforms. Get what they like and how they act, and you can shape your networking to hit home with the folks you want to talk to. Also, picking social channels that fit who you’re after, based on who hangs out where and what’s hot in your field, is a big deal for getting the most out of your connections. Hit up big spots like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for excellent tools that help with business chit-chat.

Optimizing Your Profile for Networking 

Creating an engaging and search-friendly social media page is vital to networking success. A practical, keyword-rich summary shares your skills and passions. Clear, professional photos make your profile stand out and build trust with viewers.

Building a Relevant and Engaged Network 

Creating a web of critical contacts is crucial for successful social media networking. To link up with experts, influencers, and possible partners, use your current network, join relevant groups, and interact with related posts. Boost your connections by actively liking, commenting, and sharing content.

Creating and Sharing Valuable Content

Creating valuable and engaging content is essential for attracting and retaining a network of followers on social media. Understanding audience pain points and interests enables businesses to craft content that resonates with their target audience. Varied content formats, including blog posts, videos, and infographics, cater to diverse preferences and maximize engagement potential.

Actively Participating in Groups and Communities

Becoming part of niche groups on social networks helps make connections and share knowledge. Taking part in chats, offering thoughts, and assisting others to build trust and respect in the group. By joining in, companies can grow their contacts and create helpful partnerships.

Leveraging Influencer Relationships

Cultivating connections with key industry figures boosts your network and makes your brand more noticeable. Teaming up with the right influencers leads to joint projects like blog features, shared content creation, and co-hosted online seminars. Using these influencer connections helps companies tap into larger markets and build trust in their specialized field.

Utilizing Advanced Networking Features and Tools

Social media platforms have improved features for connecting and tools that make networking easier. You can find the right contacts faster with functions such as LinkedIn’s Detailed Search, Twitter collections, and Facebook circles. Also, using these apps and tools can make your networking work smoother and more effective.

Using Direct Messages and Making Connections Personal

Sending direct messages and making your outreach personal are crucial to networking well on social media platforms. Writing messages that grab attention and are made just for the person you’re sending them to helps start good chats and strengthens bonds. Keeping up regular talks and checking in helps grow these networking ties and leads to lasting working relationships.

Checking and Tweaking How You Network

Watching how your networking goes on social media with analytic tools gives you good clues about how well your strategies work. Companies can improve their networking and get better results by keeping an eye on essential stats and how you’re doing. Changing how your network based on what the data tells you helps you keep improving and achieve success in networking over time.

Wrapping things up and stepping into the ever-changing world of social media allows companies to boost their brand and reach the folks they care about most. By tapping into the hottest 23 social media platforms in 2024, any business can up its game online, create authentic connections, and see real-world wins. As the digital world keeps morphing, keeping an eye on the new stuff and using the freshest sites will put you out in front.

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