Miles Alexander: A Visionary Driving Real Estate Excellence

Miles Alexander: A Visionary Driving Real Estate Excellence

Miles Alexander interview with Young Entrepreneurs of America

Miles Alexander spoke to the enthusiastic Young Entrepreneurs of America, inspiring the 50 attendees. This event was crucial for new entrepreneurs, granting them a rare chance to learn from an experienced expert. Everyone listened intently, soaking up Miles’s knowledge and experience.

We felt incredibly lucky to have Miles with us for this special occasion. His presence energized the room, promising an evening full of insights and empowerment. As a successful business founder and a respected industry leader, Miles offered unique perspectives and invaluable wisdom that left a lasting impact on all who attended.

Miles Alexander III has firmly established himself as a real estate and finance thought leader. His stellar reputation earned him a featured spot in The Top 100 People in Finance magazine in 2020 and speaks volumes about his business acumen and visionary leadership.

As the principal and managing partner of Alexander Goshen, a real estate investment firm with offices in Atlanta and Ft. Lauderdale, Miles focuses on large-scale acquisitions, developments, and redevelopments. The company zeroes in on stressed assets, value-added projects, and multifamily and mixed-use properties. Under his leadership since 2014, Alexander Goshen controls over $280 million in assets, a testament to his keen eye for profitable ventures and strategic prowess.

A U.S. Army veteran decorated with numerous commendations, Miles brings a level of discipline and commitment to the real estate industry that is rarely seen. His military background complements his business expertise, making him a respected figure known for innovative ideas and an unwavering commitment to excellence. He understands that success in real estate hinges on passion, hard work, and a steadfast dedication to adding value to properties and communities.

With profound experience in project management, investment analysis, asset management, and mergers and acquisitions, Miles has propelled Alexander Goshen to new heights and ventured into multiple other industries. His entrepreneurial spirit extends to private equity, entertainment, restaurants, fitness gyms, clothing, health supplements, beverages, and senior citizen facilities. This impressive diversification underscores his business savvy and ability to navigate different markets adeptly.

Miles isn’t solely focused on profit. His dedication to social responsibility is evident through his mentorship role at Restoration Community Resources Inc., where he inspires young men to recognize and reach their potential. Since its inception, this commitment to integrity and performance has helped increase Alexander Goshen to an impressive $280 million multifamily asset.

The company’s full-service platform boasts unparalleled expertise in acquisitions, financing, property operations, construction design, accounting, risk management, and market research. A senior management team with over 40 years of combined experience makes Alexander Goshen a premier modern real estate developer. 

The firm’s successful ventures span multifamily to senior-assisted living, and its portfolio includes renowned projects like developing restaurant facilities for major brands like Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Taco Bell. Starting in 2013 with a modest 25-unit acquisition, the company now boasts over 1,144 units, solidifying its standing in the industry.

Michael Lee, a seasoned commercial real estate professional, lauds Miles Alexander III as a proven leader who generates substantial multimillion-dollar growth. He describes Miles as a dynamic, visionary entrepreneur whose innovative ideas and dedication firmly position Alexander Goshen as a leading real estate developer.

Miles’ approach is rooted in building strong relationships and achieving stellar outcomes. His capabilities extend across real estate acquisitions, dispositions, investment life cycles, commercial finance, leasing and contract negotiation, commercial construction, and business development. His diversification into international markets and various entrepreneurial ventures further enhances his industry insight and innovative prowess.

As Chairman and CEO of Alexander Goshen, Miles specializes in large-scale projects focusing on stressed assets, value-added initiatives, and multifamily mixed-use properties. Beyond real estate, his ventures into private equity, entertainment, fast food restaurants, fitness gyms, clothing lines, health supplements, beverages, and senior citizen facilities demonstrate his breadth of expertise and commitment to innovation.

Miles Alexander III exemplifies the essence of a next-generation entrepreneur, blending visionary leadership with a strong sense of community and social responsibility. His diverse portfolio and remarkable growth trajectory make him a standout figure in real estate and beyond.

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