About Us

Young Entrepreneur Networking & Educational Community.

Welcome to the Young Entrepreneurs of America (YEA), a vibrant gathering of go-getters in their 20s to 40s making waves in business networking in Tampa. Our passionate members experience growth not just in their businesses but also in their personal lives. 

At YEA, mentorship and community go hand in hand, providing a fertile environment for ideas to blossom. Dive into our plethora of services, from dynamic events and community chats to bespoke consulting. Plus, we're proud to offer free resources, ensuring everyone can join our movement.

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  • Meet Up to 50+ Young Entrepreneurs in Person

  • Gain Exclusive Access to Mentors

  • Monthly Educational Seminar

  • First Come First Serve Free Food

  • Free Parking & Low-Cost Admission

Events Hosted

Target for Total Gold Members

Attendees Hosted > 1,500

Avg Annual Revenue of Guest Speakers > 10,000,000

Our Mission & What We Represent