Savery Anne Meurer, Savery Anne Consulting, LLC

Savery Anne Meurer, Savery Anne Consulting, LLC

A message from her team:

“Savery is a PR, Communications, and Social Media Marketing professional with over a decade of experience. She has worked with brands such as L’Oreal Paris, Martha Stewart, Bolle Brands, Luxholdups, and multiple interior designers, placing them in outlets such as Forbes, Glamour, and Architectural Digest. She has grown a small business’s Instagram from 16K to 26.2K in less than two months, leading sales to increase by 900%. Savery currently resides in Tampa and works with businesses all around the country.”

Industry: PR + Social Media Managementsavery-anne-meurer-savery-anne-consulting-llc

1050 Water St Apt 1007 Tampa, FL 33602,33602,Tampa Bay, FL

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